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Serving Southport for the past 74 years,

the Southport Island Association has a long tradition
of helping and celebrating our great island community.


Each year, Southport gleams with holiday lights that make these dark days more jolly! The lights have been installed professionally in the past, however due to a change in circumstances and the loss of the wonderful and loved community member who did this work -This year, there is a small group of community members working together to make sure the festive spirit and flair return to Southport once again.

Please join the effort on November 26th as the day the decor goes up! We will need to affix bows to 35 wreaths, hang said wreaths in designated windows, string lights on the buildings in reasonable places and affix some garland here and there. With enough help - we'll have this place festive in no time!

We need some volunteers with ladders and wire cutters, and others just to show up with good spirit and helping hands!

See the above information and contact Eden Climo with further questions.
Link to sign up here: SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER

*This effort is not an SIA event, however we do hope our SIA members are feeling in the community spirit to help out where they can!

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