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History of Serving Southport



Eden Climo, President

Alice Neily Mutch, Past President

Maddie Kaler, Co Vice President

Laura Blake, Co Vice President

Carol Allison, Treasurer

Janet Duchaine, Secretary

Carole Zalucky, Clerk




Geoff Chatterton

Matt Fessenden

Emily Hurd

Scott Larson

Sharma Schacknow

Andy Hollon

Anne Gobes

John Nunan

Matthew Thibault

In the 1930s and 40s there was a discussion among summer residents over the issue of taxes. Obviously, a large proportion of the taxes paid came from summer folks, but they had no vote in Town Meeting. On August 14, 1948 the Southport Summer Residents Association registered as a non-profit organization in the State of Maine. Although this did not change the issue of voting at Town Meeting, it may have had a positive factor in the relations between SSRA and the Selectmen.


By 1985, many of the original summer residents had retired and had become permanent Southport residents. And on October 23, 1985 the name was officially changed from SSRA to Southport Island Association.


The name change did not change the operation so much as did the presidencies of Bobbie Wallingford and Carol Magnussen.. Carol did extensive volunteer work with Southport Central School and a 501(c3) status with the IRS was gained in 2007. Bobbie’s work with along with contributions of cash made to SCS helped enormously to change the perception of SIA from a “cocktail party organization” to a real community asset. Today the emphasis is reflected in the annual themes of "Celebrating the Past, Looking to the Future; Moving Forward Together; Southport Strong; Preserving the Past - Promoting the Future; and Small Island, Big Community"

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