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Southport go Bragh!

The best corned beef, the best chef, worker bees, and delivery crew! What more could we ask for to create a community wide supper? This event feeding 85 residents was put together by the Southport Island Association and the Southport Fire Department. Each resident received a sumptuous Irish supper with special greeting cards from the Southport School and cake from Marie Kelley.

“You filled my tummy with food, my heart with love, and my soul with thankfulness. Blessed be , dear island friends.”

“Ours was great! Thank you so much for your continued community building. We certainly appreciate it.”

“What a grand dinner- so plentiful, so delicious and a great community project. Thank you to all the many hands that made it possible. Enjoyed every bit with left overs as the containers were stuffed to the brim”

So, here is who is to “blame” for such a great event: Co Chair Sandra Seifert and Master Chef Matt Thibault. The amazing team worked like a blues band- everyone doing their “thing” and creating a meal that was music to our ears. Here was the Fire Dept gang: Matt, Mike Buckley, Geoff Chatterton, Dalton Tibbetts, and Ed Larkin. Then the SIA Team: Sandra, Matt Fessenden, Eden Climo, Maddie Kaler, Angus Kaler, Pam Baldwin, Mary Hanley, Ashlea Tibbetts, Alice Mutch, Brooke Hollon and especially Andy Hollon, the newest member of the SIA Board. THANK YOU ALL, SOUTHPORT RESIDENTS, FOR MAKING IT A FUN DAY FOR EVERYONE!

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