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A message from the Board...

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

From our annual meeting, August 15, 2021....

“Oh… To Begin a new era of accomplishments and fun…”

We honor the past presidents and bod members who began this journey so many years ago. We are especially proud of Past President Medea Harris who continues to be an influential inspiration and who did yeoman’s work in pursuing the dream of engaging local families this community association under the greatest of covid drama. Hats off too to Skip Williams and Ellie Beauregard , who leave the board after serving 6 years and one year, respectively. I wish to recognize the current board and ask for your approval of the 2021-2022 slate as proposed.


THANKS to so many of you who shared your time and resources over these many months. Your gifts of time, talent , and covid related funding has resulted in a stronger sense of community from which all residents have benefited. Helping Hands remains a highly confidential process so all members of our community need not be reluctant to ask for help.

Carol Allison, our able treasurer has shared with you the donations the SIA has made to this community and its neighbors to help sustain healthy living and engagement. We have remaining Covid funds to use for some necessary and sustainable project.

What have we done with your funds and our energies?

We have been creative in providing covid free activities such as

(1) We have reached out to partner with local organizations and businesses to make events happen: Newagen Inn, the General Store, and Robinsons, Cozy’s, the All-Saints Chapel and the Episcopal church, the Selectboard, the Alpaca Farm, and the Fire Department – all were generous in time and support.

(2) holiday gifting to many isolated persons;

(3) A winter walk with the alpacas; a July 4th parade of over a hundred persons ; two island cleanups engaging new residents;

(4) Service to 320 participants through multiple drive through suppers over the winter: lasagna and Love Valentines dinner, St Patty’s day supper, Mother’s Day lobster roll lunches, and Fathers Day cookouts which served those who otherwise might not have had any social time with others during covid. Every meal paid for itself due to the participants’ spontaneous offers to donate.

(5) SIA has cared for many islanders who had special needs because of Covid; all who have asked for needed assistance have received it.

(6) Funding for kids who were in need of additional learning assistance through IT help and other creative means. The SIA awarded them for their perseverance and maturity.

We want your engagement

We hope that you will keep track of these efforts through our website and very active new Facebook page which has had a reach of over 500 persons.

Thank you for your membership - “SOUTHPORT STRONG!”

On behalf of the Board,

Alice Neily Mutch, President

Thank you to Carol Allison for the photograph for this post.

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