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2022 Annual Message

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The Southport Island Association recently had its annual meeting at which 50 persons

attended. Many thanks to the Newagen Inn’s generosity for making the event

so special. Alice Neily Mutch passed the reins on to new leadership with a huge

vote of confidence and excitement. Her comments about her two year

presidency are below:


The Southport Island Association , started 75 years ago under a different name has evolved from a perceived “cocktail party organization” to a real community asset.  Our mission is “to preserve the natural beauty of the town of Southport, to promote community initiatives that embrace all town residents, and to participate in initiatives that contribute to the general welfare of the community.

A dynamic and balanced Board of Directors comprised of both year-around and summer residents has produced a highly productive year, “HONORING THE PAST AND PROMOTING THE FUTURE.”

This year we honor Ashlea Tibbetts who has volunteered to provide a refined IT program which includes a new website, Facebook, Constant Contact, posters, and support to Leigh Sherrill, our beloved Island roving reporter on whom we count for every event. We honor the past presidents and board members who began this journey so many years ago. We are vigilant to see that we support the traditions of the island as we help the island move forward with new ideas and challenges, hence this year’s motto: SMALL ISLAND – BIG COMMUNITY.


We have reached out to partner with local organizations and businesses to make “things happen”: Newagen Inn, the General Store, and Robinsons, Cozy’s, the All-Saints Chapel and the Episcopal Church, the Selectboard, Sweet Dreams Bakery, Cape Newagen Alpaca Farm, ReBuilding Together, the Congregational Church, and the Southport Fire Department – these collaborations have maximized our efforts and brought the community closer.

THANKS to so many of you who shared your resources over this past year. Your gifts of membership, time, talent , and the anonymous generous covid related funding from four islanders has resulted in a stronger sense of community from which all residents have benefited. “Helping Hands” remains a highly successful program of confidential support of all kinds. Under strictest confidentiality, any Southporter knows that they need not be reluctant to ask for help.

2021- 2022 ACTIVITIES

  • Holiday Light Up

  • Holiday gifting to many isolated persons;

  • A winter walk with the alpacas;

  • Independence Day parade;

  • Island cleanups;

  • Appreciation Day for the teachers;

  • Welcoming of new residents;

  • Lasagna and Love Valentines dinner;

  • St Patty’s Day supper;

  • Mother’s Day crab roll lunches;

  • Fathers Day cookout;

  • Community wide picnic;

  • Halloween party for all

Donations for the 2021 fiscal year can be viewed by clicking here.

The positive response from the community was summed up with one statement “I love living here; you people at SIA help make it a true community.”



Annual Meeting

August 14, 2022

Board of Directors Slate

The following considerations by the Nominating Committee and the

Board of Directors have been made to seek to achieve a balance of :

  • availability of 12 month/year or summertime

  • potential for growing into an executive level of participation on the board

  • gender

1. Eden Climo – President

2. Laura Blake – Vice President

3. Maddie Kaler – Vice President

4. Janet Duchaine -Secretary

5. Carol Allison- Treasurer

6. Carole Zalucky - Clerk

7. Geoff Chatterton

8. Matt Fessenden

9. Emily Hurd

10. Scott Larson

11. Sharma Schacknow

12. Sandra Seifert

13. Andy Hollon

14. Anne Gobes

15. John Nunan

Alice Neily Mutch – Ex-officio PP Member



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