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2020 - 2021 Donations

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

For the Fiscal year of 2021-2021 the Southport Island Association was fortunate to financially contribute to the following programs:

Helping Hands Educational Grants

Pandemic Relief Christmas Gifts

Ambulance Fund Community Resources Council

Charles F. Baker Scholarship Southport Central School

New Hope for Women Life Flight

Food Pantry District Nurse

Community Center Y Arts and Y Camp

Rebuilding Together Keepers of Burnt Island Light

Friends of Cuckolds Light Southport Lights Up

Harbor Theater

2020 Annual Gifts $37,760

2021 Annual Gifts to date $50,989

In April of 2020, four very generous donors started our Pandemic Relief Fund. We have received over $32,000 in donations to that fund. To date we have disbursed almost $17,500 of that to address needs in the community caused by the economic effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. We want to thank all our donors for their generosity in helping island residents navigate these uncertain and somewhat unpredictable times. Any funds that remain unused when conditions return to normal will be transferred to our regular Helping Hands program.

Thank you to Carol Allison 2020 for the photograph for this post.

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